just posted this on my facebook wall: ‪#‎kidapawan‬ reminds me of ‪#‎yolanda‬ when people were seen wandering the streets, having walked all the way from their homes in far barangays, in shock, hungry, thirsty, looking for food and water in … Continue reading

ashamed ! #aug23

WHY WHY WHY is president aquino snubbing the survivors and families of the victims of the august 23 hostage-taking massacre who are back in town, no matter how they fear and hate manila?  why has he denied them an audience … Continue reading

what if

i had been wondering how erap or villar or gibo or gordon would have handled the aug 23 hostage-taking, in contrast of course to the low-key laid-back wait-it-out style of the new prez.   and then i read this in facebook … Continue reading

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holding back

there’s still so much to be said and asked about the aug 23 bloodbath but i’m holding back just because the hong kong chinese are hurt enough, enraged enough, and things are bad enough for filipinos in hong kong.   also, … Continue reading


command responsibility 3

Trip of high-level delegation cancelled (5:13 p.m.) Thursday, August 26 MANILA — The flight of high-level delegation formed by the President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to explain Monday’s hostage crisis to China and Hong Kong governments has been cancelled Thursday. … Continue reading


command responsibility 2

here’s etta rosales, incoming chief of the commission on human rights on hostage-taker’s demands: “Dapat binigay na nila yung hinihingi, ano ba naman yun katumbas ng buhay. Kapag tinimbang mo yung dalawa, mas mabigat ang usapin yung (They should have … Continue reading



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