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saddest independence day ever

Independence Day in Marawi: Philippine flag raised as bombs fall American soldiers spotted in Marawi City Path to Hell: Daesh in the Philippines is a US Project

The price of national independence

Randy David On April 8 and 9, Manila will be the venue for an international conference aimed at expressing solidarity with the Cuban people in their bid to end more than half a century of American sanctions against their country. … Continue reading

The Trump-Hitler Comparison

Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post” By Ron Rosenbaum Is there any comparison? Between the way the campaigns of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler should have been treated by the media and the culture? The way the media … Continue reading

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When will we have ‘Philippines First’?

Rigoberto D. Tiglao WHILE the new US President Donald Trump is inarguably a demagogic megalomaniac, he demonstrated a streak of genius, or a deep insight into his countrymen’s feelings, that made him win, when he made his campaign battle cries … Continue reading

duterte and history

in gina apostol’s President Duterte and our revolutionary history and sylvia mayuga’s The politics of memory, the thinking, basically, is that the president’s anti-imperialist rants are not worthy of attention, much less of celebration, not because he has his facts … Continue reading

LP asking for foreign intervention vs. duterte?

ninez cacho-olivares writes that the liberal party (LP) has sent out an SOS to the US, stepping up calls for foreign intervention, cranking up the campaign to oust president digong and replace him with vp leni.


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