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from luneta to china

In his first public response to the sanctions, Mr. Aquino said he had no plans to apologize, saying that doing so could create a legal liability and noting that China had not paid compensation to the families of Filipinos who … Continue reading


the killing of the taiwanese fisherman by the philippine coast guard and the president’s refusal to apologize brings to mind the august 23 2010 luneta bloodbath that claimed the lives of 8 hong kong chinese.  the president also refused to … Continue reading

ashamed ! #aug23

WHY WHY WHY is president aquino snubbing the survivors and families of the victims of the august 23 hostage-taking massacre who are back in town, no matter how they fear and hate manila?  why has he denied them an audience … Continue reading

no laws broken, no heads rolling

heard national anti-poverty commission chief joel rocamora in a bbc interview saying that no laws were broken by top officials in the august 23 bus hostages bloodbath. eight hong kong chinese died needlessly violently in the hands of a mentally … Continue reading

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aug 23, vilifying media

I was in San Francisco when I watched this sorry episode. CNN had the story but their thrust was not so much that there was a hostage situation in Manila (incidents like these, unfortunately, frequently happen worldwide), but that “the … Continue reading

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Truth and consequence

Luis V. Teodoro Congressional hearings are held “in aid of legislation,” and the leading members of the Senate committee on public information and mass media, and the committee on public services, made it clear last Tuesday that they did not … Continue reading

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