calling out mayor sara duterte — NCCC mall fire the 4th in the history of lim family

“… since fire inspection clearances are connected to other construction permits, which fall completely under the purview of the local government, the BFP racket requires the cooperation – connivance would be a better word – of the mayor’s office, which can be assumed to be compensated for its indulgence.”

read Asia’s Tinderbox by ben kritz and wonder WHY it was paolo duterte who resigned as vice mayor soon after the deadly fire (purportedly for reasons having nothing to do with the fire) instead of sara duterte the mayor under whose watch and patronage that NCCC mall got away with fire exits and sprinklers that didn’t work despite the lim family owning up to a history of fires burning down their business establishments not once, not twice, but thrice before.

“My grandfather and my father were extraordinary,” says Javelin “Javey” A. Lim, 43, New City Commercial Corp. (NCCC) supermarkets and community stores president. “Our stores burned down thrice yet they built the company from the ground up again and again.”  

extraordinary, indeed, and reprehensibly opprobrious, that no lessons were learned from the first three fires, no measures taken, either by the lim family or local government officials, to make sure a fire never happened again.