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COMELEC wants us to believe it was pure coincidence that smartmatic’s marlon garcia tweaked some code (to change ? to ñ) just when bongbong marcos’s 1 million-vote lead started to dwindle and leni robredo started catching up, allegedly in smooth … Continue reading

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Elections over but not the count

Teddy Locsin, Jr. … It is said that any irregularities or peculiarities in the conduct or count of the automated election, must be substantiated by those who point them out. Only idiots say that. The only duty of voters is … Continue reading

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That close race

Jojo Robles … The website Get Real Philippines ( has noted “the almost algorithmic way with which Robredo chipped away at the initial one-million-vote lead of Marcos over several hours since the voting closed.” According to the article, the statistical … Continue reading

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Binay redux

By Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia Jejomar Binay, vice president of the Philippines, delivered a prepared speech for a total of 21 minutes with all the trappings of the higher office save the seal. He was focused on the bigger audience … Continue reading

Confusing the enemy … and themselves

By Greg B. Macabenta CONFUSING THE enemy is an established tactic in warfare. Sun Tsu’s Art of War and Nicolo Machiavelli’s The Prince mentioned this as one effective means of making the enemy off-balance and vulnerable.

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christian monsod calls out the president on a 2nd term and charter change

Former Commission on Elections chairman Christian Monsod, who had helped draft the 1987 Constitution, said Aquino should not think he is the only one who can institute reforms. “We need systemic change. That’s more than the capability of one person, … Continue reading


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