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Perfect storm in wild, wild Philippines

Tony La Viña For our sake, we better understand what is happening and act collectively to avert the worst outcome. First, there was the filing last Friday of the impeachment complaint against President Duterte by Representative Gary Alejano of the … Continue reading

‘I Told You So’ #cj trial

Teditorial: I Told You So Can the chief justice be impeached for his interpretation of the law that his accusers completely agree with by not signing their own waivers? By Teddy Locsin Jr. I wrote this last night and for … Continue reading

convicted #cj trial

so, is it a moment of rare triumph for the forces of good vs evil, as in, maybe, EDSA uno?  i’m sure the president and his supporters would like to believe so, that this is a win for “the people,” … Continue reading

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‘Acquit Him’ #cj trial

ellen tordesillas, who would like to see corona convicted, said last thursday that even before may 22, malacanang palace already had enough votes (16 of 23) to convict corona. teddy locsin jr., who thinks corona should be acquitted… Teddy Locsin … Continue reading

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spinning the walkout & the waiver #cj trial

wikipedia: In labor disputes, a walkout is a labor strike, the act of employees collectively leaving the workplace as an act of protest. free dictionary: walk out 1. To go on strike. 2. To leave suddenly, often as a signal … Continue reading

the walkout #cj trial

ang saya na sana.  it was good, in fairness, to hear his version of the stories that the yellow media had long been spinning, and his own powerpoint claiming just a handful of dollar accounts.  and when he signed that … Continue reading


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