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‪#‎kidapawan‬ reminds me of ‪#‎yolanda‬ when people were seen wandering the streets, having walked all the way from their homes in far barangays, in shock, hungry, thirsty, looking for food and water in the city to bring back to their families, but getting no relief, from government anyway, because, sabi ni sec almendras on tv, hindi malinaw kung sino sa mga yan ang taga-tacloban talaga at hindi.  so they wanted to give relief goods through the barangays where official residents are registered.  imagine. denying immediate relief, kahit tubig at biskwit man lang.  if NGOs and civil society orgs had not come to the rescue, meron din sigurong mga namatay na lang sa gutom at uhaw at shock.  sa #kidapawan ganoon din ang excuse ng palace spin artists, ibig idaan sa proseso kuno ang pagbibigay-tulong sa mga nasasalanta.  at nung ayaw magsialis ang mga magsasakang nagugutom, pinagbabaril.  imagine.  what kind of policemen are these who willfully shoot at unarmed civilians?  and where is the president in all this?  he should have ordered the PNP to stand down (as he did in mamasapano?), even to escort the farmers to the nearest rice warehouse and to keep order while waiting for dinky soliman to oversee the distribution of rice.  i would call it the EDSA way.  and COA would not dare, would not think to, question it.


    • Batang-Genyo, Alah Eh

      di lang left ang nandoon to support the farmers. Nandoon din ang mga members ng christian institution ng uccp-Methodist church to assist the lowly farmers seek govt help. Regardless of political or relious persuasion, the govt should attend to the basic services specially if they are victims of natural calamities like the el nino phenomena. The national and local leaders are just paying lip service to urgent need just the protesters are poor farmers aaand the marginalized sector of society. Shame on Daan Matuwid and its natl govt for escape goat excuses. These leaders and bureucrats should be executed for ordering the clearing operations and killing the very source to survive and live.

  1. manuelbuencamino

    Bakit laging may nasasaktan na inosente pag ang mga grupong ito – AnakPawis, Bayan Muna, Anak Bayan, Gabriella Women’s Party – ay ang nag organisa ng rally?

  2. manuelbuencamino

    Kasi for example dun sa mga million people rally sa luneta wala naman nasaktan pati dun sa inc rally sa shaw wala din nasaktan …. at wala din armas yun mga nag rally na yun ….pero pag sila ang nag paandar ng rally laging nagkakagulo at may nasasaktan….

  3. Herbie Docena: “Mukhang may isang katangian ang mga nagsasabi at mga naniniwala na “ginamit”/”nagpagamit” lang ang mga magsasakang pinaslang sa Kidapawan–ang mga kagaya ni Manolo Quezon, Mikael Co at mga kapanalig nila: hindi nila alam kung gaano kahirap mag-organisa.

    “Konti lang ang karanasan ko dito kumpara sa ibang kasama, pero based on the little that I know, I do know just how extremely hard it is to convince people who have been wronged and who are desperate to fight for their rights, to come out into the streets to protest or to strike so that they don’t die from hunger or have a chance at getting humane wages. It is extremely hard to convince people to fight–much less to put their bodies on the line and join barricades–precisely because the poor and the weak are not stupid and not so easily ‘manipulated’: given their short-term interests within existing society, i.e. given that they could be so easily fired and lose their jobs if they strike or that they could be subject to state violence if they join protests–and given that they have no jobs to transfer to or no social connections to get them out of jail, it is *irrational* for them to resist even if they know (without us having to convince them) that resistance is the only *rational* way for them to be human.

    “It takes years and years of patient organizing to build people’s confidence in themselves, in the power of collective action, in their ability to advance their long-term interests by building ‘a better world’ through resistance precisely because the weak are also being “organized” by the state: they are constantly subject to the ‘manipulation’ of the powerful–to what Weber called the state’s monopoly of legitimate violence, to what Bourdieu called the state’s monopoly of symbolic violence, what Gramsci calls ‘hegemony’ backed by coercion, what Foucault calls ‘knowledge/power,’ what Althusser calls ‘ideological state apparatus’ etc etc. (yes, I’m ‘namedropping’ all these social scientists/philosophers if only to point out that much of the social sciences/philosophy has precisely focused on the puzzle of why people ‘put up’ with oppression so it’s ‘surprising’ that even learned people like Quezon and so many academics/activists still buy the liberal bullshit that there is no manipulation involved in the organization of consent). It is resistance that is natural–people tend naturally to fight back when they are abused or exploited; it is submission that is unnatural and therefore the subject of so much “orchestration” by those in power–by people with “selfish, greedy interests” or with an “agenda”: to keep oppressive social relations in place.

    “So why am I so troubled/offended by the ease with which people are buying/spreading this liberal BS about the farmers being ‘manipulated’? Because it is precisely this kind of thinking that will not just perpetrate impunity (“kasalanan naman pala ng mga bobong magsasaka kung bakit napatay sila eh”) but because it is this kind of thinking that makes dictatorship or Martial Law possible: That all those who dare to resist are just stupid children being ‘manipulated’ by people with ‘a hidden agenda’ has long been the same kind of reasoning that Marcos–and the Aquinos– and so many other fascists and strongmen have relied on to whip up mass support for authoritarianism in the past and it is the same kind of reasoning that Bongbong Marcos/Duterte will likely invoke again if we don’t stop them. All of us who believe in and who are fighting for democracy and against oppression–not just Bayan/Makabayan–are in mortal danger if we let the Aquino government get away again with this massacre. ‪#‎NeverAgain‬”


  4. manuelbuencamino

    Naman….sige na nga walang responsibilidad ang mga organizers sa kung anuman ang mangyari sa mga rally…wala silang panangutan kahit ilagay nila sa alanganin ang mga sumasama sa kanila

  5. Ricky de Ungria: “this warped govt line of blaming the victims and the npa is a marcosian heritage that has become s.o.p. in theory and practice among the police and military and has eroded the trustworthiness of these agencies to understand and protect the citizens they are supposed to serve. many of their members are easy to pull the triggers of their guns pointed at hapless citizens with legitimate grievances because the warped reasoning in their defense is already printed in their uniforms.”

    • manuelbuencamino

      Luma na yan tricks at argument na yan. Bakit yun kanilang mga rally lang ang nagiging violent. Nagkaroon ng million people rally sa luneta, dalawang beses pa, meron bang nasaktan? Maski yun rally sa edsa nung ’86 meron bang nasaktan? Pero pag sila ang nag paandar laging may nasasaktan. Old tactics goes back decades. Old justifications.