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wagging the dog

when PAWS raised a howl over the killing of a dog in the film Oro after it had been showing in theaters for more than a week, i wondered what the MMFF selection committee that had named it among the … Continue reading

from duterte to the coco levy

Like a warm bullet in my head: How I was silenced by right speech fundamentalists in the Philippines By Sass Rogando Sasot I am a Duterte supporter. This declaration exposes me to a barrage of insults from the Filipino disente … Continue reading

writing in a “climate of fear”

Speech delivered by National Artist Nick Joaquin at the Philippine PEN Conference, July 1983. Let me show you fear in a handful of dust—or rather of press releases. A PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Novelists) member took a handful of press releases … Continue reading


Given the statutory text, the history of the concept of criminal libel, and our court’s experience with libel, I am of the view that its continued criminalization especially in platforms using the internet unqualifiedly produces a chilling effect that stifles our fundamental guarantees … Continue reading

Internet freedom and cybercrime

We are all affected by this law. All users of mobile phones are vulnerable. So are those who are Internet media savvy as well as occasional users of the Internet. Most of our landlines pass through the net nowadays which … Continue reading

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Information control

By Luis Teodoro CONTROLLING THE flow of information — deciding what citizens are told, how it’s presented to them and even determining what they should and shouldn’t know — has always been a critical concern among the powerful. Whether in … Continue reading


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