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from duterte to the coco levy

Like a warm bullet in my head: How I was silenced by right speech fundamentalists in the Philippines By Sass Rogando Sasot I am a Duterte supporter. This declaration exposes me to a barrage of insults from the Filipino disente … Continue reading

Let a coconut farmer census be taken

Rudy Romero A proposal has been made for the establishment of a trust fund the income of which would go toward financing projects intended to benefit the coconut farmers of this country. The corpus of the trust fund would be … Continue reading

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good news! “Supreme Court stops EOs on coco levy funds”

The Supreme Court stopped the implementation of two orders of President Benigno Aquino III aiming to manage billions of coco levy funds.  EO 179 provides for the inventory, privatization and transfer coco levy assets in favor of government. EO 180, … Continue reading

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Why the rush on coco levy funds?

Rina Jimenez-David Nobody seems to contest the fact that the billions of pesos in “coco levy funds,” collected during the martial law years ostensibly for the “development” of the coconut industry, truly belongs to coconut farmers. But why is it … Continue reading

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P83 billion unused for coconut-industry poverty alleviation

By Rigoberto Tiglao It could be another case, as worse as its lead-footed release of funds for Yolanda-devastated areas, of the Aquino Administration’s criminal inefficiency and sluggishness in undertaking real reform programs. Or there may be a worse explanation. Since … Continue reading

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Will the Coco Levy Fund end up like the Malampaya?

By Jose V. Romero The highest court decided sometime ago that the coco levy funds are public funds, meaning that these are fiduciary funds kept in trust by the government for the development of the coconut industry as prescribed by … Continue reading

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