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The Duterte government’s communications crisis: Andanar’s PCO

Katrina S.S. CONTRARY to what many assert, I do not think that President Duterte has a communication problem. I think he has a problem with his Presidential Communications Office (PCO), its Secretary Martin Andanar, and the whole team of people … Continue reading

from duterte to the coco levy

Like a warm bullet in my head: How I was silenced by right speech fundamentalists in the Philippines By Sass Rogando Sasot I am a Duterte supporter. This declaration exposes me to a barrage of insults from the Filipino disente … Continue reading

“what we should be railing about”

… The ability of government and humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to areas devastated by Yolanda is hampered by decades – if not generations – of economic underdevelopment brought about by a multitude of factors. It’s a wound that cuts … Continue reading

No relief

By Katrina Stuart Santiago It was in August of 2012, when the Habagat rains hit, that my older brother Joel and I, wanting to volunteer but not knowing where to go, did what we both knew we could do well. … Continue reading

st. scho, inquirer, pugad baboy

on facebook i expressed dismayed surprise at  pol medina’s june 4 pugad baboy comic strip.  nagulat ako that he singled out st. scho, accused the nuns of condoning lesbianism among students, even, of probably being lesbians themselves.  i thought he … Continue reading

Dismissal won’t make us go away

By Marian Pastor Roces We are told off: with freedom comes responsibility. As though we didn’t know. As though we — the cyber-throng quick-witted enough to recognize bs thrown at us — don’t know, uhhhm, shit.


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