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Towards A Culturally Evolved Alternative

JORGE ARAGO (1943 – 2011) People power in 1986 restored to Philippine society the “democratic space” which had been previously occupied by the running dogs of martial law. But as in previous turnovers of power in our society, that space … Continue reading

wagging the dog

when PAWS raised a howl over the killing of a dog in the film Oro after it had been showing in theaters for more than a week, i wondered what the MMFF selection committee that had named it among the … Continue reading

michael is gold!

couldn’t believe that i had not heard / read of michael christian martinez before sochi 2014.  my bad?  and/or media’s?  whatever, that was quite a two-night high, watching this 17-year old competing with the world’s best and being dazzled by … Continue reading

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Michael Christian Martinez: The Wounded Dancer (Olympic Poetry)

THE WOUNDED DANCER By Kwame Dawes For skater Michael Christian Martinez of the Philippines We skaters arrive wounded, limping, the aches— beneath the skin you will see the terrible brutality of what we must do to our bodies.

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woody’s woes

Considering how long and how often it has happened, Western culture should find it easy to separate art from artist — to judge a particular work of art apart from the behavior, even reprehensible behavior, of its creator. The ongoing … Continue reading

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not a santi bose

on page 55 of the catalogue of Leon Gallery’s “MAGNIFICENT September Auction” (tomorrow, AIM Conference Center) is listed a painting attributed, and wrongfully, to Santiago Bose.  read his daughter Lille’s blogpost:  Is it Art, or is it Fart?  

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