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Yellows? The truth is Aquino betrayed the followers of Ninoy

Marlen V. Ronquillo The usual political literature says the nation is deeply polarized and two factions are the major players: the pro-Duterte group and the so-called “Yellows.” Ever a doubter of easy generalizations, I tried to look for empirical evidence … Continue reading

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lying loyalists

marcos loyalist-columnists are declaring the EDSA revolution dead now that their beloved marcos has been buried in the libingan ng mga bayani.  they are also trying very hard to kill the story of ninoy, martyr and hero.  in their addled … Continue reading

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it was while i was writing marginal notes to the ishmael bernal anti bio, grounding a “dialogue” between bernal and jorge arago (both leftists at some point) in the culture and history of their times, when i found myself forced to … Continue reading

Carmen Guerrero Nakpil on the death of Ninoy Aquino

(Around the time of Ninoy’s arrival, Mrs. Nakpil was attending a lunch meeting regarding the Censors Board, which had been called by Mrs. Marcos at the Gloria Maris in the Cultural Center Complex along Manila Bay.) We had ordered shark’s … Continue reading

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the last time i marched was on the day after ninoy’s funeral, to liwasang bonifacio for an anti-marcos rally. it was the first gathering of leftists and yellow peeps since the assassination and, if memory serves, marcos’s metrocom was nowhere to be … Continue reading

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august 21, 1983

It had been three years since Ninoy first declared that the Filipino is worth dying for, and he proved it on the 21st of August 1983 when he came home, was escorted off the plane by Marcos’s military, and assassinated … Continue reading

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