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Statement of the National Fact Finding Mission on the HTI tragedy

In light of the apparent information blackout concerning the fire that devoured the House Technology Industries main building (HTI) inside the Cavite Export Processing Zone, various labor institutions and people’s organization initiated a National Fact Finding Mission to probe the … Continue reading

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HTI fire: Cover-up?

Katrina S.S. … At 10:59p.m. on February 1, Governor Boying Remulla via PTV 4 said that 300 people were in the building when the fire broke out, that 40 were brought to the hospital so far, and “May mga naipit … Continue reading

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cavite cover-up? #HTIfire

karereport ni raya capulong sa dzmm teleradyo:  sa wakas, naapula na ang sunog.  walang casualty, sabi daw ni governor remulla.  (maybe he/she meant “fatality”?  maybe i misheard?)  at tila naniwala naman sina karen davila at vic lima. IMPIYERNO SA ENGKLABO by … Continue reading

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Media, gov’t comms, #LawinPH

Katrina S.S. One of the questions that dominated the discourse pre-Typhoon Lawin was: what the heck is government doing? The truth was, we weren’t hearing much about what was being done, who was doing what, and whether government was prepared at … Continue reading

Marcos cronies and the golden oriole of Isabela

…. Under Marcos, logging licenses and timber concessions were given out as gifts and favors to select family members, close friends, politicians, and supporters. Shared out like a great cake, the forests of northern Luzon were sliced up in unequal … Continue reading

A Bewildering Crash

By Philip Gourevitch  Flying time from Barcelona to Dusseldorf is an hour and fifty-six minutes—not a long haul—so there’s no reason to imagine that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, could have anticipated that his commander, Captain Patrick … Continue reading


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