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Requiem for Marawi

Amelia HC Ylagan Only the rat-a-tat of gunfire cuts through the thick smoke standing unafraid in the stillness. Then, dusty feet climb soundless on the ash-carpeted stairs onto a tiered stage nested amidst rubble and fallen stone pillars — and … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court martial law ruling: Legal foundation for autocratic rule?

MEL STA. MARIA Are we witnessing the early signs of the constitution’s evisceration? Did the Supreme Court lay the legal foundation for the undue expansion of Martial Law to other parts of the country? Have the seeds of authoritarianism been … Continue reading

Requiem for separation of powers

Ernesto P. Maceda, Jr. Yes, Congress chose not to convene in joint session. There are arguments to be made for standing behind the President and presenting a united front in times as grave as these. But so many wish that … Continue reading

The soldier in Martial Law

Amelia H. C. Ylagan He is the namesake of his late father, who was an officer like him, as he, the son, is now as old as his father was then. When did he become so like his father, those … Continue reading

monica feria (1954-2016)

Sept. 22-23, 1972: Our lives changed overnight That whole week before Sept. 22, 1972, the University of the Philippines was aflame with rallies and teach-ins. Opposition leader Ninoy Aquino had warned that the declaration of martial law was imminent. Midweek, … Continue reading

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When a leader betrays his people

Rex D. Lores … What is deeply disturbing about President Duterte’s decision is the clear disconnect between his rhetoric and reality. On one hand, he is pursuing a devastating campaign against criminality and corruption; on the other, he is coddling … Continue reading


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