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Oceana Gold: History, abuse, mining

… Oceana Gold … despite years of protests, countless studies and reports, and now a suspension order, continues to operate in Nueva Vizcaya (, 3 March) like it hasn’t done anything wrong at all. Read more…

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Zambales mines: A history of questionable practices

Katrina S.S. BETWEEN the pro-mining students protesting against the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) officials, and the insistence that we talk only about the jobs to be lost and the stock market crash, it is clear that we … Continue reading

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Bullying Ms Gina

Boo Chanco Visuals and images convey more messages than we are conscious of. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was not kidding. This is why communications strategists are as careful with the visuals presented, including body language, … Continue reading

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DENR’s daring, mining’s crisis

Katrina S.S. I was one of many who thought Gina Lopez was one of President Duterte’s more daring choices as far as picking members of his cabinet was concerned. A staunch environmentalist, she was a welcome decision for Department of … Continue reading

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wagging the dog

when PAWS raised a howl over the killing of a dog in the film Oro after it had been showing in theaters for more than a week, i wondered what the MMFF selection committee that had named it among the … Continue reading

Albert del Rosario: Patriot or Profiteer?

Sass Rogando Sasot When questioned about his conflict of interest about the Reed Bank, Albert del Rosario said: I think that’s unfair. I was working for the country. If Manny benefited from that, we’ll benefit from that. It’s not something … Continue reading

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