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Draconian measure

By Bong Austero On the same week that people of a certain age went into reflection mode to remember the horrors that befell this country 40 years ago, the President of the Republic signed the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

sotto, the senate, the pits #RH

other than senator miriam, who is rather forgiving of sotto… …this is not the academe where plagiarism is a mortal sin. We should give leeway in politics, as long as later on the source is acknowledged. and senate president enrile, … Continue reading


jesse robredo was a blogger pala from october 2007 to august 2009 — take that, tito sotto!    the blog Oddball has 31 entries that i intend to copy-and-paste and save and comb through.  i hope it will tell us, … Continue reading

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“The Filipino is Worth Blogging For” and indie publishing

The Filipino is Worth Blogging For is the title of a book katrina and i are self-publishing and launching on thursday july 19, along with the main attraction, katrina’s first book: of love and other lemons, essays personal and political … Continue reading

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blogging in the wind

political blogging used to be fun in the philippines.  when i took the plunge in september 2007, the pinoy blogosphere was a completely different “place,” kind of like a plaza miranda where you could mount a soapbox and sound off … Continue reading

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calling out ressa

a public apology via social media is in order, methinks. in case you’re not on facebook or twitter, check out this sequence of tweets over radikalchick’s opinion blog going to the dogs, a follow-up on lito zulueta’s Who will watch … Continue reading


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