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The RH fund cut, savings, and DAP

Katrina S.S. THE P1-billion cut in the Reproductive Health budget, specifically for Family Health and Responsible Parenting, was not in the least surprising. Because for all of government’s press releases about transparency and matuwid na daan, the budget and the … Continue reading

carlos is not charlie

in january 2013, the day after the metropolitan trial court pronounced carlos celdran guilty of offending religious feelings when he posed as rizal brandishing a damaso placard in the manila cathedral, i blogged, in fairness to carlos celdran, reacting to … Continue reading

in fairness to carlos celdran (updated)

“Wherefore, premises considered, accused Carlos Celdran is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt for the crime of Offending the Religious Feelings under Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code and applying the Indeterminate Sentence Law, there being no mitigating and aggravating … Continue reading

RH “mocks” Filipino culture?

james imbong, son of lawyer jo imbong who is reportedly the legal counsel of the catholic bishops conference of the philippines (CBCP), has asked the supreme court to nullify the reproductive health (RH) law. Filing on behalf of their minor … Continue reading

hopes rise for RH

it was quite close: 113 yes, 104 no, 3 abstentions.  so the NAYS may have sounded as loud as the AYES in the viva voce, therefore valid naman the anti-RH call for nominal voting.  also, the hope may have been … Continue reading

The Enrileconomic Development Plan explained

By Manuel Buencamino At the Kapihan sa Senado press forum last Thursday, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile explained why he is against the RH Bill. “Ang pinakamalaking export natin is OFW. Export iyan eh, kaya ako kontra ako sa RH … Continue reading


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