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Papaya for Dengue: The Case for Alternative Therapies

Dr. Godofredo U. Stuart Dengue fever continues to prevail against all efforts of health-care systems: vector control programs against the mosquito vector Aedes aegypti, repellents and barrier inventions, education, and a vaccine touted with great expectations. The Dengue vaccine has … Continue reading

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Ayala Land: Health hazard

Katrina S.S. One of the things that I appreciate about President Duterte is his consistent stand against oligarchs’ abusive ways (no matter how selective), and his notion of community justice that happens not just in terms of peace and order … Continue reading

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it was the first time i’d ever heard digong duterte speaking lengthily on anything, so i was totally unprepared for all of it.  yes, the puntanginas and other cuatro letras and the libog and bathroom and bayag talk  shocked me … Continue reading

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And now for Ona. . . A Manila Trial a la Nuremberg?

By G. U. Stuart, MD I thought the controversy on the ActRx Triact anti-dengue drug was going to die a quiet death—consigned to inevitable oblivion by the strong arm of politics that threatened many close to the heart of the … Continue reading

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disgraceful discourse on the anti-dengue drug

i get asked why i bother to blog again and again on ActRx TriAct when no one seems to be reading, much less agreeing; mostly, the comments only echo, insist on, what kill-the-cocktail proponents feed an unthinking mediocre media. meron … Continue reading

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So who wants Dr. Ona’s post?

By Katrina S.S. Second of two parts Clinical trials and the anti-dengue cocktail But the bigger story is about the anti-dengue cocktail that is ActRx Triact, the clinical trials for which were started in 2012, as ordered by Dr. Ona. … Continue reading

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