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“70% of us are for the RH Bill”

My Rant Marian Pastor Roces Tito S affects gravitas. He will simply not be goaded by riffraff. He will not be persuaded to engage mere pests. We are all beneath him. If we’re so smart we should have been voted … Continue reading

sotto’s insolence, budget blues #RH

last wednesday, comedian senator tito sotto wrapped up his turno en contra with a sorry attempt at profundity, lifted, yet again, yes again, this time from a 1966 speech of bobby kennedy, and this time, translated into tagalog, presumably by … Continue reading

sotto, the senate, the pits #RH

other than senator miriam, who is rather forgiving of sotto… …this is not the academe where plagiarism is a mortal sin. We should give leeway in politics, as long as later on the source is acknowledged. and senate president enrile, … Continue reading

Sotto’s scot-free (and why it’s our fault)

Katrina Stuart Santiago Yes plagiarism might seem small and petty, it can seem like an academic thing, but it certainly isn’t moot, and I don’t know that making fun of Tito Sotto, in whatever way, will mean people taking this … Continue reading

sotto, guts, plagiarism #RH bill

this is to respond to sotto’s claim echoing, nay, plagiarizing blogger sarah pope’s, that using birth control pills causes “severe gut dysbiosis,” that is, kills good bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract. According, to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, the use of … Continue reading

sotto self-destructs #RH bill

the senate should shut sotto up.  he has become a national embarrassment.  not only does he plagiarize bloggers and in the next breath disparage their work, his discourse vs. the RH bill also takes the low low ground, thanks to … Continue reading


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