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ka freddie

comic relief, the kneejerks to ka freddie’s love affair with a 16-year old, ranging from scandalized and outraged to bemused (legendary nga!) and envious (astig!).

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youth united for the philippines?

on facebook philippine star business columnist boo chanco posted this new york times link about the surge of protests around the globe — india, israel, greece, spain, even wall street — and posed the question: young people the world over … Continue reading


since that comment posted by lem about the death of the policeman who was injured at the u.p. friday the 13th riot, i’ve been googling news sites and broadsheets to either confirmor deny the news but nothing, absolutely nothing, which is … Continue reading

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check out radical chick‘s take on the u.p. friday the 13th riot that found burgis youth freaking out, as in OhMyGodWhatTheFuckIDON’TWANTTODIE, and suggesting that the u.p. admin close the university and limit access only to u.p. people.  haha, as if u.p. … Continue reading

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