ka freddie

comic relief, the kneejerks to ka freddie’s love affair with a 16-year old, ranging from scandalized and outraged to bemused (legendary nga!) and envious (astig!).

of course we’re hearing more from the scandalized and outraged, as in, it’s a crime, the girl’s a minor, he should be taken to court and made to desist from such legally and socially condemnable behavior.

at the height of the violent reactions on social media, i happened to catch on blink channel the british film notes on a scandal where kate blanchett plays a schoolteacher in her 30s, maybe 40s, married to a much older man, and she has an affair with a 15 year old testosterone-high student who has the hots for her.  not a love affair, more like a lusty one.  when they are found out (thanks to judi dench who plays a lesbian teacher in love with blanchett), the boy’s mother makes sugod blanchett at home, and so the husband finds out and his question is WHY? and she starts with I WONDERED…. and the husband screams DO YOU THINK YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE? WE ALL DO, BUT YOU HANDLE IT!!! (or something like that).

i wondered what blanchett was about to say, she wondered what?  i guess, what sex would be like with someone younger?  something, in fact, that’s said to be rejuvenating, at least according to ancient texts on esoteric sex.  for men especially, who sought longevity or immortality, sexual intercourse with young virgins was said to be the way.  and, i hear, even for today’s older men with jaded apettites, nothing excites, perks up, again like the anticipation of and intercourse with a nymphet.  i would suppose it’s the same for older women with pubescent boys.

among musicians naman of ka freddie’s generation the question is, why did he even have to call attention to the affair?  for the publicity, it is supposed, in aid of selling his new joint in QC, and maybe a new CD?  but people are apalled, i thought, only to be reminded by a 40-year old male that any publicity is good publicity, and, if he were ever in the vicinity himself, he would surely check out ka freddie’s bar, sabay silip sa 16-year old.  lol.

interestingly enough, anti-RH bishop oscar cruz, from whom i expected the usual blahblah against all the talk as occasions of sin, because inciting to impure thoughts, sixth commandment and all that, was quite liberated about it.  speaking from experience as head of the National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal (NAMT) of the catholic church, he only warns the couple that the huge gap in ages won’t make it an easy relationship to sustain.

my own initial take was as one who trained in psychology: minors are usually still naive and innocent about the wicked ways of the world.  but then i heard ka freddie on a headstart replay saying that the girl was already working as a model, moving around on her own, when they met.  it was is possible then that she’s mature for her age, streetsmart even, maybe she knows what she’s doing, and feeling.  benefit of the doubt.

just the same, i wish ka freddie had not outed her when he did, the way he did.  his excuse is, i was asked who i was with, i was only being honest.  or something to that effect.  but honesty is not always the best policy.  he could just as easily have replied, kaibigan (accent on the second i), and changed the subject, let the story be told in its own good time, instead of himself hastening her exposure to public scrutiny and speculation.  privacy works wonders for relationships, especially unconventional ones.


  1. Rejuvenating, yes, in a way, but longevity or immortality I don’t believe that. It’s akin to eating say for example fresh apple or fresh vegetable as oppose to withered ones, :). It’s more exciting, and the excitement is worth all the trouble to some, and I’m not speaking from experience, hehehehe.

    • Well, friend Bert, my experience, which is long and ancient and filled with mistakes and triumphs, says you are right.

      People enjoy relationships because of what they get, and what they can give. There ought be no rules other than a “no harm” rule, and if an old guy and young girl can find happiness together, what’s it to us?

      As for how Freddie handled the publicity, that is rather up to him, too, as he is the one who must live with it.

      I’ve become a Freddie fan, myself. He’s become my icon of individuality and character. One of these days I’ll have to listen to his music.

      • Ah, thanks, Joe my friend, for confirming what I suspected all along, though I have had a taste of fresh apple too myself and I had given more than I take. Always that way with fresh apple, if you can get my drift.

        Now I like his music too, and if you can have some days off from Biliran, maybe we ought to see each other at Ka Freddie’s Bar one of these days to hear and see his music, not his 16-year old.