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no documents, no proof

now that paolo duterte’s name has come up as, allegedly, a player of sorts in the illegal drugs market, the senate hearing on the huge shabu smuggling under faeldon’s watch seems to be going nowhere remarkable, except maybe to demonstrate how impossible it is to get names named and personalities shamed and charged, puro “hearsay” kasi, walang dokumento.  and so when the prez says about the pagkakadawit of his son: show me the evidence, give me an affidavit, and i will resign (cool na cool), eh wala na, tapos na ang boksing.

imagine if comelec chief andy bautista were as cool-na-cool re wife tish’s allegations. instead he looks, seems, gets hot under the collar, the same with his kuya martin.  i suppose because nga of all those documents that tish found and that are now under scrutiny by the authorities.  even if he were innocent, he has a lot of explaining to do, and really he has no one to blame but himself.  given the animosity pala between him and his wife, it’s hard to believe how careless he was with such important documents, atbp.  it tells me that he became too sure of himself (hubris) and of his power over his wife (money).

anyway manolo quezon raises a good point.

…it’s not as if the common-sense solution for anyone desiring to exonerate themselves isn’t clear. With so many officials, elected or not, weighing in, the obvious solution seems curiously absent so far: Bautista signing a waiver to all his bank accounts.

the yellow camp believes, hopes, prays that chief andy will be found innocent, of course.  unless he’s guilty beyond reasonable doubt.  then, next we pray that duterte finds and appoints a rare one who is relatively beyond reproach, both at home and at work, and who will get us out of the pocket of smartmatic.

dirty linen, dirty elections?

natabunan nang bonggang bongga ang customs probe sa lower house kahapon, and not because faeldon the chief didn’t show up, rather because of a corruption bomb exploded by patricia cruz bautista, estranged wife of COMELEC chief andres bautista.

imagine.  tish accuses andy of undeclared unexplained hidden wealth in the hundreds of millions, if not a billion bucks php, and she has all sorts of official documents daw, including bank passbooks, to support her allegations.  read her affidavit here.

andy denies any wrongdoing, of course, he was rich na even before the PCGG and COMELEC gigs, but maybe not that rich?  because he’s disowning some of the bank deposits, some of the assets belongs daw to his parents and sibs, and some, he alleges, could have been faked.  he also says that tish has a long-time lover and the couple has a political agenda, omg.  to discredit the 2016 elections?

nabuhayan bigla ang bongbong camp  atbp. na feeling-cheated pa rin by…ummm….the yellow camp?  smartmatic?  COMELEC?  all of the above?  no wonder andy was always siding with smartmatic no matter what the controversy?  ooops not fair.  innocent until proven guilty.

andy says he’s the victim here, it’s all about money, tish is just greedy.  ang backstory ay, 2013  pa sila naghiwalay pero hindi magkasundo sa settlement of properties because daw tish has been demanding a large amount of money. 

say naman ng abogado ni tish, his client only wants what’s legally her due, that is, half of everything (legally acquired, of course).  but but but, it would seem that chairman andy doesn’t think she deserves that much.  during negotiations, ayon kay atty martin loon, chairman andy said “that his wife deserves zero.” 

ang tindi, di ba.  ang lupit, at ang talim ng hugot.

does she really deserve zero, as in, nothing?  surely not.  is he himself beyond reproach, if not at home, then at work?  we don’t know yet, but because of his very powerful position as COMELEC chief, we need to know whether he deserves our trust or not.

this is not merely a private marital spat but a public face-off between political camps that could have important ramifications.  chief andy should stop talking to the press and prepare his defense, seriously.  badmouthing tish isn’t winning him any pogi points.

ka freddie

comic relief, the kneejerks to ka freddie’s love affair with a 16-year old, ranging from scandalized and outraged to bemused (legendary nga!) and envious (astig!).

of course we’re hearing more from the scandalized and outraged, as in, it’s a crime, the girl’s a minor, he should be taken to court and made to desist from such legally and socially condemnable behavior.

at the height of the violent reactions on social media, i happened to catch on blink channel the british film notes on a scandal where kate blanchett plays a schoolteacher in her 30s, maybe 40s, married to a much older man, and she has an affair with a 15 year old testosterone-high student who has the hots for her.  not a love affair, more like a lusty one.  when they are found out (thanks to judi dench who plays a lesbian teacher in love with blanchett), the boy’s mother makes sugod blanchett at home, and so the husband finds out and his question is WHY? and she starts with I WONDERED…. and the husband screams DO YOU THINK YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE? WE ALL DO, BUT YOU HANDLE IT!!! (or something like that).

i wondered what blanchett was about to say, she wondered what?  i guess, what sex would be like with someone younger?  something, in fact, that’s said to be rejuvenating, at least according to ancient texts on esoteric sex.  for men especially, who sought longevity or immortality, sexual intercourse with young virgins was said to be the way.  and, i hear, even for today’s older men with jaded apettites, nothing excites, perks up, again like the anticipation of and intercourse with a nymphet.  i would suppose it’s the same for older women with pubescent boys.

among musicians naman of ka freddie’s generation the question is, why did he even have to call attention to the affair?  for the publicity, it is supposed, in aid of selling his new joint in QC, and maybe a new CD?  but people are apalled, i thought, only to be reminded by a 40-year old male that any publicity is good publicity, and, if he were ever in the vicinity himself, he would surely check out ka freddie’s bar, sabay silip sa 16-year old.  lol.

interestingly enough, anti-RH bishop oscar cruz, from whom i expected the usual blahblah against all the talk as occasions of sin, because inciting to impure thoughts, sixth commandment and all that, was quite liberated about it.  speaking from experience as head of the National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal (NAMT) of the catholic church, he only warns the couple that the huge gap in ages won’t make it an easy relationship to sustain.

my own initial take was as one who trained in psychology: minors are usually still naive and innocent about the wicked ways of the world.  but then i heard ka freddie on a headstart replay saying that the girl was already working as a model, moving around on her own, when they met.  it was is possible then that she’s mature for her age, streetsmart even, maybe she knows what she’s doing, and feeling.  benefit of the doubt.

just the same, i wish ka freddie had not outed her when he did, the way he did.  his excuse is, i was asked who i was with, i was only being honest.  or something to that effect.  but honesty is not always the best policy.  he could just as easily have replied, kaibigan (accent on the second i), and changed the subject, let the story be told in its own good time, instead of himself hastening her exposure to public scrutiny and speculation.  privacy works wonders for relationships, especially unconventional ones.

kris aquino, ‘wag tularan

i find i can’t ignore her ’cause she’s so in-our-face and i worry about the values our girls are picking up from her endlessly cheap dramatics.

so she’s back, and, boy! (abunda?), her media handlers certainly made sure she’d be talked about, as if taking over wowowee wasn’t big enough news, nah, they had to throw in rumors din that she’s preggy and that she’s being linked to chiz and junjun and robin atbp. all of which she happily giddily gleefully denied on nationwide tv, sabay amin na type niya si junjun.   as for her marriage to james, well, she’s quite optimistic that it was void to begin with.   destiny daw, lol, omg, wtf.

BOY: Based on the interview, I think with the lawyers, na may na-mention na maaaring mayroong posibilidad na your marriage was null and void to begin with. Ano ang iyong take?

KRIS: Probably because the premise kung paano siya nagsimula, na hindi ko inamin sa pamilya ko right away, part of destiny ‘yan. Kasi siguro kung kumpiyansa ako na it will really be okay and all, hindi na tayo nagtago sa bahay mo. [Laughs] Siguro regalo na ‘yan ng tadhana sa aming dalawa. I don’t know, Boy, I have to sit down with the lawyers. I have to see the papers. It has to go through the process in court. But kung totoo ‘yan at mayroon kaming mga requirements na hindi na-fullfill, at yung technicality nandoon at maru-rule nga ng korte na null and void to begin with, then maybe it’s really a lesson for me.  That no matter how I tried to avoid it and no matter how much my family tried to accept James, if ever, Boy, in the future—and I’m saying malayong future ito, ha—sisiguraduhin kong I’ll do it correctly this time. Wala nang mga patagu-tago pa.

so because she and james were married secretly, and she kept the marriage secret for some time, the marriage is invalid?   the spin being, she kept it secret because she must have lacked confidence that she was doing the right thing, so the marriage is void?   ganoon?   how old was she ba when she married james?   sweet-16-never-been-kissed?  ano namang drama yan.   she was 34, with a string of scandalous love affairs behind her, and if she still didn’t know what she was doing, then yeah, she’s sick.

but hey, i’m not biting.   it’s more likely, i’m told, that she kept the marriage secret muna out of concern for some multimillion-peso product endorsements she made while she was single that may have required her to remain single for the duration of the contract.   she would have needed to break the news gently to her sponsors, which sounds more credible, di ba.

and now she wants another chance.   with another man.   never mind that james is wanting to work things out.   pagod na daw.   ayaw na niya.   so there.   brat pa rin.   well.   let’s see how that legal process goes.   if she gets her way, so should all other pinays na walang pera pambayad sa abogado at sa korte but who want out of worse marriages, lalo na yung mga binubugbog at yung mga basta iniwanna lang.   fair is fair.

and what about that promise to cory.

James: …nangako ako kay Mom Cory na hindi ko pababayaan ang pamilya namin. Na-aalagaan ko si Kris, si Josh at si Baby James. Nangako rin kami ni Kris sa harap ni Mom Cory na hindi kami maghihiwalay.

sagot ni kris, wag nang idamay si mom.   ganoon?   she’s dead anyway?   so, were her fingers and arms and legs crossed when she made the promise?   cory must be turning and tossing in her grave.   ninoy must be shaking his head and making buntong-hininga.   bishop soc must be desperate for divine guidance, what to do with this wayward witch, i mean, bitch, i mean, sheep.   she with the sparkle in her eye.   malinaw naman what the real problem is.   in-love na naman siya and she’s so fecklessly recklessly messed up, she doesn’t even have the sense to keep THAT secret.