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The clowns are coming

If the movie and sports celebrities win—and they are sure to—they will, added to the incumbent senators who are likewise celebrities, turn the Senate from an august body into a big joke. Most likely, they will just be mere ornaments … Continue reading

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Manny Pacquiao—Fearsome Fighter, Pop-Culture Punchline

By Will Leitch Even when their lives are often anything but, boxers are afforded an undeniable dignity. At least in our popular culture. Our admiration for boxers is as profound as our fear of them, and we treat them accordingly. … Continue reading

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reeva’s last valentine

the pistorius verdict: not guilty of murder, guilty only of culpable homicide (something like manslaughter) AND BUT still out on bail as he awaits the october 13 sentencing hearing/s — a last month out in the world before he’s locked … Continue reading

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vhong vhindicated?

on social media some peeps are saying that too much time is being wasted on the vhong navarro story when there are so many other things going on that are more important to nation.  katrina posted this status in response: … Continue reading

anne curtis and the president

Posted by Boo Chanco on Facebook 3 Dec around 2:30 pm showbiz must really be a tough dog eat dog world so that putting down a star gives hope to rivals they have a chance to take her place.  based … Continue reading

ka freddie

comic relief, the kneejerks to ka freddie’s love affair with a 16-year old, ranging from scandalized and outraged to bemused (legendary nga!) and envious (astig!).

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