The clowns are coming

If the movie and sports celebrities win—and they are sure to—they will, added to the incumbent senators who are likewise celebrities, turn the Senate from an august body into a big joke. Most likely, they will just be mere ornaments in the Senate and members of the committee on silence, with nothing positive to contribute to the conception and enactment of much-needed legislation for the development of the country. For how can these people intelligently deliberate on the Senate floor such complex laws as the Anti-Trust Law or the Securities Act, which, even to the Ivy League graduates, defy easy comprehension?

— Rogelio P. Vinluan



  1. this from facebook friend Marian Pastor Roces: Hi there. I do not think it is inherently in the professions of acting or sports to be unable to contribute to sensible discourse in legislation and statecraft. I would like to think that, say, an athlete can contribute much, hypothetically; and deferring to the philosophical infrastructure of democracy. It is, to my mind, the particular personalities of specific individuals seeking seats in the Senate that is abhorrent. Whatever their previous work.

    • i agreed: true, not inherent in the professions of acting or sports. i’m tempted to blame the lawyers in the senate instead who have the legislative racket down pat, and who are the guiding force, so to speak, for the showbiz n sports shoo-ins… while also agreeing with vinluan re tra-political parties…