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pinoy education: from bad to worse, k-12 and all

read conrado de quiros’s Making the grade, part of which dwells on the allocation for debt payments being 3 times larger than that for education: … our schools are getting worse. Only the University of the Philippines remained among the … Continue reading

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that rating upgrade

… is good news only for the minority rich, not for the majority poor. check out cielito habito’s An early Easter gift

national debt, keeping track

MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – The government debt increased to P5.38 trillion ($132.25 billion) as of November last year due to higher domestic debt, the Bureau of Treasury said today. The end-November debt of the national government was P22 billion ($54.08 … Continue reading

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instead of chacha, revoke automatic appropriation for debt service!

my first reaction upon hearing of senate president enrile’s and house speaker belmonte’s joint call for charter change soon after the impeachment and ouster of the chief justice, of which they were prime movers, was to wonder, ano ito, quid-pro-quo? … Continue reading

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new year wish 2011

clinton’s campaign strategist carville was right, “it’s the economy, stupid” that won clinton the presidency in 1992, trumping bush senior’s foreign policy high from the “successful” gulf war. here at home it would seem that the president and his men … Continue reading

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obscenely oppressive, that’s VAT!

it’s obscene that the arroyo government is gleefully rolling in cash when everyone else is not, lalo na’t the source of all that cash is the onerous VAT that we the people are paying in addition to the spiralling death-defying … Continue reading

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