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that rating upgrade

… is good news only for the minority rich, not for the majority poor. check out cielito habito’s An early Easter gift

Recklessly noynoying a fatally strong peso

By Dean de la Paz Citing 2013 as the Year of the Eagle and ejaculating as if the stars, the Zodiac and the Chinese calendar had really anything to do with economic governance, some stockbrokers, with their head in the … Continue reading

OFWs, unite!

patindi nang patindi ang daing ng ating mga OFW sa tuloytuloy na pag-appreciate ng halaga ng piso.  wala na daw silang naiipon dahil kailangang dagdagan maya’t maya ang ipinapadala nila sa mga pamilya nila dito.  bakit parang binabalewala ng administrasyong … Continue reading

currency: how cheap is rizal

it was the inquirer‘s ramon n. villegas in Coming up-the redesigned Philippine currency who said: From the ’70s to the ’90s, the lower denominations of paper bills which featured the revolutionary founders of the nation—Rizal, Bonifacio, Jacinto, Mabini—were eliminated. Their … Continue reading


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