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inquirer’s himala moment

… after “killing” Mary Jane Veloso in its headline and story of April 29, and its less than perfect “apology” of the 30th, the Inquirer followed up the fiasco with “A miracle happened” on the front page of its April … Continue reading

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ingrata! is so konyo

iyan na mismo ang mindset that feeds the patronage system that keeps the poor poor and the rich rich.  those who call mary jane veloso’s mother celia an ingrate for speaking out against the government rather than singing its praises … Continue reading

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For my yaya and all our OFWs

By Nicole del Rosario CuUnjieng … Ana is but one of the now overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) whom our country has failed. Our political-economic system has not provided adequate resources and support to make upward mobility possible, so those without … Continue reading

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pinoy education: from bad to worse, k-12 and all

read conrado de quiros’s Making the grade, part of which dwells on the allocation for debt payments being 3 times larger than that for education: … our schools are getting worse. Only the University of the Philippines remained among the … Continue reading

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Recklessly noynoying a fatally strong peso

By Dean de la Paz Citing 2013 as the Year of the Eagle and ejaculating as if the stars, the Zodiac and the Chinese calendar had really anything to do with economic governance, some stockbrokers, with their head in the … Continue reading

RH “mocks” Filipino culture?

james imbong, son of lawyer jo imbong who is reportedly the legal counsel of the catholic bishops conference of the philippines (CBCP), has asked the supreme court to nullify the reproductive health (RH) law. Filing on behalf of their minor … Continue reading


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