“the PERFECT time to criticize”

Posted by Erin Denise Chupeco on Facebook
13 Nov 3:30 pm near Manila ·

To everyone bitching about why we shouldn’t be criticizing the government and just help out instead:

1. This is the PERFECT time to criticize. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and fucking tired of the same goddamn story every time a typhoon comes our way five or six times a year: no funds in the budget because government officials wanted a Porsche, or I’m the president but it’s not my fault I’ll just pass the blame onto the cities for not being prepared because passing blame is the ONLY thing I’ve passed in my fucking term so far….

2. Constantly not speaking out about this in the past is the reason we’re all in this shithole. When you know something’s not right, the worst thing you can do is to shut up.

3. I can criticize AND help out at the same time, fuck you very much. If you’d rather not say anything because the current status quo is more important to you than accepting the need for things to change, then YOU’RE part of the problem.


  1. what the tuck is she talking about? Is there anyone telling her to shut the tuck up and not criticize the government? Is the government now into suppressing the right of the citizen to complain and criticize? I wonder.

  2. manuel buencamino

    Ms. Chupeco,

    There is a difference between criticizing and bitching…Try exchanging “criticizing” and “bitching about” in the opening sentence so that it becomes consistent with your enumerated rants. Labyu.