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Mr. Aquino’s comfort-zone presidency

By John Nery Shortly after President Aquino marked his 100th day in office, in 2010, I wrote a column attempting an analysis of the new commander in chief’s self-evidently well-defined sense of limits. The unfortunate controversy over his decision to … Continue reading

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MY STORY | Surviving Yolanda and the city of the dead

By Lottie Salarda TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines — Let me do away with bragging rights first. I can proudly say I am one of the toughest persons on earth after surviving the strongest storm ever to make landfall. Having said that, I … Continue reading

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The ANC Presents-Fail

By Katrina S.S. THERE is no overstating the fact that on the anniversary of Haiyan what is demanded of us is a reckoning. It should be a time to look honestly at what has been done, what remains neglected, and … Continue reading

Transparency: Relieving the Body of Despair

By Gina Apostol I was getting my first dose of chemotherapy on the day Yolanda hit Tacloban, November 8. I was doing research on my fourth novel, William McKinley’s World, about Tacloban and Balangiga in 1901. My veins were dripping … Continue reading

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What is there

Posted by Daryll Delgado on Facebook 6 Dec 3:48 am There is a man covered in mud from his bald head to his bare feet, walking towards and waving at my brother, Derek, unaware that he is unrecognizable. Until he … Continue reading

anne curtis and the president

Posted by Boo Chanco on Facebook 3 Dec around 2:30 pm showbiz must really be a tough dog eat dog world so that putting down a star gives hope to rivals they have a chance to take her place.  based … Continue reading


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