MY STORY | Surviving Yolanda and the city of the dead

By Lottie Salarda

TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines — Let me do away with bragging rights first. I can proudly say I am one of the toughest persons on earth after surviving the strongest storm ever to make landfall.

Having said that, I will never forget the glass windows of our station exploding in front of us, as if a bomb had gone off, and then the seawater rushing in, flooding the building as it was then the city around us.

Everyone was in a panic not knowing what to do as we tried to save ourselves.

We swam, held on to anything we could, trying to evade flying debris and crashing waves, painfully pounded by the needle-like rain.

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  1. Thank you Ms. Lottie for sharing your story. I cannot really understand why our national govt failed to find a workable solution to fast tract the rehabilitation of the victims of these worst hit disastrous storm given that we read news report sizable financial aid has poured in to our country from international community,including other non-political sectors. I believe it is not a question of math or statistics to marshal whatever resources to deliver the necessary basic services like food,clothing and shelter to the victims who are already identified in need. what is lacking is the political will to run efficiently both the local and national machinery towards quick and lasting recovery. Let us be reminded the whole world is watching us and the challenge to recover is there.