Mr. Aquino’s comfort-zone presidency

By John Nery

Shortly after President Aquino marked his 100th day in office, in 2010, I wrote a column attempting an analysis of the new commander in chief’s self-evidently well-defined sense of limits. The unfortunate controversy over his decision to omit Tacloban City from his packed schedule commemorating the first anniversary of “Yolanda” over the weekend reminded me of that attempt; perhaps (if you will allow me) it bears a second look.

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  1. manuel buencamino

    I disagree with Nery’s conclusion.

    Aquino’s presence at Laude’s wake would have added political color to a straightforward case of killing.

    Aquino’s presence at Tacloban would have shifted the public focus away from the rehabilitaion work being done by the government to the political bickering between Romualdez and the administration.

    His presence at both those places would have distracted rather than contributed towards the resolution of Laude’s killing and the completion of the rehabilitation of all the typhoon ravaged areas.

    • I agree. Indeed, I get tired of all the emotional over-think that goes on regarding such matters, and am thankful for anchor of your rational take. haha Your ‘seasoned” and rational take. President Aquino did the right thing on both matters and it is clear there are a lot of pundits in the woods who would make lousy presidents.