“the risk of travelling to Leyte by land carrying a truck full of relief goods”

katrina received this private message from Arianne Corrine Cinco via facebook.
12 Nov 1:37 pm

Hi Ms. Katrina. I’ve been following your updates on Typhoon Yolanda and I turn to you now because I am frustrated with the lack of news regarding the towns of Tanauan and Tolosa in Leyte.

My cousin, Jojo Advincula, travelled on different buses from Manila to Samar and on foot from San Juanico bridge to Tolosa, Leyte to reconnect with our relatives. He arrived in Tolosa on the 10th but he was unable to see any of our relatives and family because of the chaos. He walked back to San Juanico Bridge without speaking to any of our family members.

I was able to get a hold of him today and he reported the lack of rescue operations in these towns. He said that people are going hungry.

I am also monitoring a Tolosanon forum with 2,000 members but no one can confirm that relief goods have reached Tolosa.

When I first heard about the typhoon, I prayed that my fellow Leytenos and their properties be spared. Then the news trickled in and I no longer cared about property damage; I just wanted my family to survive. I know in my heart that they are okay. And my wish is for them to hang tight until we can send them the help that they require. Please help me ensure that Tolosanons receive the help that they need.

I still haven’t heard from my grandmother, Generosa Advincula, my aunties, Celerina and Mansueta Advincula, and my cousin, Shazien Advincula. They are all from Malbog, Tolosa, Leyte.

If you have any information about Tolosa and Tanauan, please post it on your wall. I will keep following your Facebook wall for updates.


My cousins and I are arranging for trucks loaded with relief goods to travel from Manila to Eastern Samar and Leyte. Two trucks have left this morning. My cousins have been advised by their mother (stranded in Borongan, Samar) not to push through with any more trucks as private vehicles are being held up in Samar. We are looking for 3 more drivers so that when we get the signal to go ahead, we can deploy the trucks as fast as we can. We will pay the drivers until the mission is completed. Unfortunately, we do not have any takers because of the risk of travelling to Leyte by land carrying a truck full of relief goods. I’d appreciate it if you can let me know if anyone is interested.

I applaud your efforts for gathering information and keeping everyone updated on towns that were hit just as hard as Tacloban. Thank you so much.

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  1. If the trucks loaded with relief goods is intended for a specific group related to Corinne in Tolosa and Eastern Samar then I think that there is very slim chance of it reaching its destinations for two reasons: 1. Most roads are not passable, 2. Hungry people along the way will surely held it up or loot it. Might even endanger the driver and truck helpers if they resist.

    However, if the relief goods in those trucks are intended for everyone suffering from hunger in Leyte and Eastern Samar, then by all means, let it roll on to the stricken provinces and have the hungry, looters and hold uppers included, feast on the relief goods. Then, may Corinne’s tribe increase for being such kindhearted human beings.