The Extraordinary Cosmic Vibes of February 1986

Excerpts from “Deconstructing EDSA,” the closing chapter of the book  EDSA Uno, A Narrative and Analysis with Notes on Dos & Tres (2013) 

February 1986 was a rare time for the Philippines and the planet. From February 3 to 7, six solar flares were observed that gave rise, February 7 through 9, to a very intense magnetic storm, said to be the largest observed in 26 years.[i] Also on the 9th, Halley’s Comet, hurtling through our solar system on its 76-year orbit, reached its closest point to the Sun, this as Moon and Sun, seen from planet Earth, exactly aligned.[ii] A rare confluence of cosmic events that wreaked havoc on Earth’ magnetic fields, instruments rendering off-scale variations said to set off weather and atmospheric disturbances, affecting even electric power grids,[iii] and, no doubt, our bodies and psyches, too.[iv] And as Halley’s Comet swang away from the Sun toward Earth’s orbit, it grew brighter and seemed to change structure around the nucleus, this as Cory’s protest campaign took off and Enrile et al coup-plotted; by the 22nd of February the comet was sporting not just one or two but a phenomenal seven tails![v] It was also, in the 12-year cycle of Chinese astrology, a time for revolutionary change.

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  1. While it maybe true that Cosmic vibes in the eastern part of Astrological system did have an influence on the turn of events on our EDSA Uno People power. But I think that divine intervention played a major role in that God on HIS own time did miraculously heed the call of Cardinal Sin (my candidate for sainthood) for people support with prayers, flowers and self-sacrifice to protect the coup plotters holed in Camp Aguinaldo. As our old Tagalog saying, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa”. Needless to say, even the iconic image of the Blessed Mother Mary who is already in the bossom of the Creator could not have pivotally interceded for us mortals. I dare say, in the cluster of events that followed, EDSA UNO stakeholders,prime movers, secular and political leaders failed to appreciate the momentum of revolutionary change with favorable cosmic vibes towards a radical transformation of our political institution and governance. Our poverty of mind,bigotry and misguided priorities destroyed our quest for genuine democracy. Sorry na lang for us,for the last 28 yrs we lagged behind our neighbors who were not conquered with the Cross, did not speak good English and did not send their natives to work as second class citizens to seek the mighty dollars at the greener economies of the world.