Serious Problems with the K-12 Senior High School Curriculum

By Joel Tabora, S.J.

During the DepEd-CEAP Mindanao Summit organized by CEAP’s National Basic Education Commission (NBEC) and co-hosted by Ateneo de Davao University on 17-18 February, the intention was to appreciate progress attained in the implementation of the K-12 educational reform and to understand the requirements of the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 (RA 10627) for the Mindanao schools.

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  1. “And because the designers are all college graduates with PhD’s from the best of higher educational intentions, but without the experience of training students in handling a lathe or a welding machine, we now have a policy which has effectively shut out meaningful skills development in favor of pre-college preparation. The K-12 program has been reduced thereby to pre-college preparation whose “core curriculum,” according to Mr. Elvin Uy, will prepare the student for college according to the College Readiness Standards of the CHED.”
    Talking from experience,In 1964 when I was senior year HS at Don Bosco-Makati, we were already given the preparatory core curriculum for college by giving us the option to select arts & science subjects in lieu of the trade skills and technical workshop. If you belong to the upper 20% academic achievements you can qualify for pre-college subjects otherwise you can take up specializatioon skills on electronics, radio & TV and automative or even print media and publishing. The students are classfied and group by Section, that is, Section A & B for higher academic subjects and the other sections according to your skills training preference. So, I dont know why they (CHED) have not or perhaps ignore the Don Bosco curriculum system. I think other Asian preparatory schools like Singapore is adopting this system.