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of speeches, dissent, arrests (mercury retrograde)

it’s been one of those times when so much is going on on the family front, there’s always something else more important to think about or attend to than blogging, even on independence day, when i had always managed to … Continue reading

The Extraordinary Cosmic Vibes of February 1986

Excerpts from “Deconstructing EDSA,” the closing chapter of the book  EDSA Uno, A Narrative and Analysis with Notes on Dos & Tres (2013)  February 1986 was a rare time for the Philippines and the planet. From February 3 to 7, six solar … Continue reading

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lucky napoles, out in two years?

i usually give fearless forecasts by astrologers and other fortunetellers a wide berth at this time of year, i.e., i am never critical — some of these psychics are quite good — rather i’m just interested in gleaning whether or … Continue reading

the state of the zodiac

woke up at noon to an email from my son joel asking, “so am i a virgo now?   seems to be all over the news — but no mention of it on any astrology sites :-)”   followed by … Continue reading


if you are into astrology, take note, uranus is changing signs, moving from watery pisces to fiery aries tomorrow may 28 at 10:44 a.m. manila time. The big astrological event this week occurs on Thursday/Friday (depending on your time zone) … Continue reading

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mercury retro 2009-2010

if you’re into astrology: mercury turns retrograde — i.e., looks like it’s moving backwards as seen from earth — from december 26 tomorrow until january 15, 2010. and three more times in 2010: * April 17 – May 11 * August … Continue reading

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