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calling on the church, the integrated bar, and the communists

on facebook, duterte’s pa-thinking trolls have been bashing bashing bashing vp leni for being on vacation in the states during and after typhoon nina that hit her home province hard.  kesyo hindi daw dapat umalis in the first place, kesyo … Continue reading

Unsolicited advice to President Duterte

Clarita R. Carlos Twelve years ago, we published and presented the findings of our study on the issues and challenges of bureaucratic reform in the Philippines to a group of legislators, local executives, academics and journalists. In that study, we … Continue reading

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this has been going around facebook since yesterday, so far reposted 633 times and counting.  a call for a major major march vs. the pork barrel on aug 26, monday, a holiday commemorating the start of the 1896 revolution.

Paths to change

By Calixto V. Chikiamco OUR CURRENT situation seems hopeless. Our economic oligarchy is powerful, rich beyond imagination. It controls conglomerates that reach into almost every aspect of Filipinos’ lives, its unassailable position protected by law or other barriers to entry. … Continue reading

why i am against a department of culture

ishmael bernal died in june 1996, sick and broke and disheartened.  there were many more films he wanted to make.  top of the list were feature films on antonio luna and gregorio del pilar, but producers were never interested, not … Continue reading

in fairness to the president

it was a kneejerk reaction, i admit, the fear of what else president aquino and the house of reps could railroad, given the surprisingly speedy impeachment of corona.  it brought back tense memories of the nograles congress’s attempt back in … Continue reading

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