changing times

i am glad that barack obama hasn’t taken or returned gma’s phonecalls.   i am glad becauseit pops the illusion that we are special to america.  i am glad because it puts us in our place.  we are a poor relation, that’s all, and america takes our support for granted.

maybe the inquirer editorial is right:

It is not difficult to speculate why Obama has been avoiding Ms Arroyo. Aside from the fact that the Philippines does not figure importantly in the US’ geopolitical scheme of things, Ms Arroyo is not exactly a political figure that Obama, who ran on a platform of change and would like to project a good, clean image, would want to be seen with. The nation’s experience with Ms Arroyo the past eight years shows that she is the quintessence of the traditional politician.”

quite possibly obama has a different take on the spratleys, mindanao, and the visiting forces agreement — maybe he wants to bring the u.s. soldiershome (would that include corporaldaniel smith, convicted rapist of nicole?) and quite possibly the uncertainty is what’s really freaking out gma — ang hirap magplano,  lol– thus the stop in chicago?  one last attempt to get to the guy?

samantala metromanila is abuzz with talk of a paranoid palace hearing midnight mass, and ding g. gagelonia wonders if the regime is in trouble:

. . . there are wagging tongues asking why Mrs. Arroyo is out of the country just as Joc Joc Bolante is set to face the Senate and amid the persistent talk of a new plot to bring doiwn her government.

A clear indication of that danger is the appearance of a web site purportedly authored by rebellious soldiers with the site prominently featuring the call of 5 ranking Catholic bishops for “radical reformsagainst massive corruption,”

Pundits are juxtaposing this angle with last Friday’s surprise midnight mass in Malacanang where churchmen, politicians, and civic leaders supporting Mrs. Arroyo where in attendance.

Is the ground shifting from under the embattled leader or will she, like before, be able to stare down the threat which her security people are closely watching?”

interesting times. obama’s triumph was no freak event.  up in the heavens jupiter saturn and uranus are configuring a rare triangle, and pluto, associated with upheavals and transformation, is changing signs this month of november.  as above, so below.


  1. Spot on po.

    We in the Philippines should not think we are high on Mr. Obama’s agenda right now. He will look in our way soon enough but only in the context of America’s interests and tangentially that of the 2 to 3 million Fil-Ams.

    BTW, according to a Gallup poll between May and September analyzed by CNN’s Jack Cafferty, Filipinos polled were actually for McCain until it became certain Obama would win. As I commented in FV several days ago, nagbalimbing ang mga Pinoy.

  2. The EQualizer Post fervently hopes that Barack Obama will find some time from his busy schedule to meet Gloria Arroyo during her brief stopover in Chicago.

    If this happens, Barack could compare notes with Gloria on how presidential elections in their respective countries are conducted.

    It should be noted that Obama’s victory has a particular resonance in the Philippines with its lesson of “political maturity and tolerance”.

    Let Gloria have her much desired photo opportunity with Barack.

    The photo will serve as a stark reminder of the sharp contrast between the two leaders.

    It should trigger awkward questions about Gloria’s democratic record