audacious intervention

intervene – to become a party to a legal proceeding begun by others in order to protect an alleged interest in the subject matter of the proceeding [merriam-webster’s dictionary of law]

intervene Law. to interpose and become a party to a suit pending between other parties  [dictionary.com_unabridged]

i’m not sure it will work, i’m not sure the house of representatives is capable of rising to the challenge posed by bloggers manuel l. quezon IIImarck ronald rimorin, richard rivera, arbet w. bernardo, edwin lacierda, jeremy gatdula and maria abella jose et al, but yes the current impeachment complaint is certainly made more substantial by the inclusion of the MOA-AD.   unlike the rest of gma’s alleged impeachable crimes, the MOA-AD has already been found unconstitutional on multiple grounds by no less than the supreme court, and how can the house of representatives ignore that and remain credible in the eyes of the nation and the world.

i love the audacity and the creativity of the move — the bloggers are not “amending” but “intervening” — in the hope that a different attitude will beget a different response.  why not indeed!