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“We are here to stay.”

that’s U.S. president barack obama telling asia  that the U.S. military would expand its role in the Asia-Pacific region, despite budget cuts, declaring America was “here to stay” as a Pacific power which would help shape the region’s future. he … Continue reading

Dear Hillary

Conrado de Quiros Not that you are likely to read this, though it can’t hurt to read something a little more intelligent than the usual crap given you that passes for intelligence. I write to reiterate some of the points … Continue reading

smith walks free

anc breaking news around 5 p.m.: u.s. marine in subic rape case acquitted. The Court of Appeals (CA) on Thursday acquitted US Marines Lance Corporal Daniel Smith of raping a Filipina in Subic back in 2005, and ordered released immediately. The … Continue reading

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so long, gloria? 2

that unscheduled, and failed, trip to washington tells me how desperate gloria is for a one-on-one with the u.s. president.   i suspect she was all set to request that obama order the world bank to back off, cease and … Continue reading

changing times

i am glad that barack obama hasn’t taken or returned gma’s phonecalls.   i am glad becauseit pops the illusion that we are special to america.  i am glad because it puts us in our place.  we are a poor … Continue reading

feeling the fall of america

wow.  who would have thought that we would see the american economy collapse like a house of cards, bringing the whole world down with it.  diyata’t hindi pala invulnerable ang superpower na ito.   diyata’t nagkakamali rin, pumapalpak, bumabagsak.  at … Continue reading


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