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Perfect storm in wild, wild Philippines

Tony La Viña For our sake, we better understand what is happening and act collectively to avert the worst outcome. First, there was the filing last Friday of the impeachment complaint against President Duterte by Representative Gary Alejano of the … Continue reading

When will we have ‘Philippines First’?

Rigoberto D. Tiglao WHILE the new US President Donald Trump is inarguably a demagogic megalomaniac, he demonstrated a streak of genius, or a deep insight into his countrymen’s feelings, that made him win, when he made his campaign battle cries … Continue reading

heads should roll! #COMELEAK

Katrina SS WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE? Plenty. And certainly none of it includes falling silent in the face of hackers, or saying things like: O sige, magaling na kayo, tama na ‘yan! – a paraphrase of what Comelec Commissioner … Continue reading

When a nation is hacked: Understanding the ginormous Philippines data breach

Troy Hunt Remember when OPM got breached last year? There was a lot of excitement in various parts of the world (namely the US) because here we had a government department (Office of Personnel Management), and they’d just lost 21.5 … Continue reading

Philippines: ‘Live it, love it’

I AM an Australian who has been living in the Philippines for two years, and I found Ceres Doyo’s Nov. 25 column, titled “10 things that make PH ugly,” very interesting. I am here running a 700-seat call center, but … Continue reading

pilipinas, kay pangit? yikes, yoly ong!

yoly ong’s rant over the pilipinas-kay-ganda fiasco is remarkable for its vehemence and venom.   “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? … I would rather be stoned, flayed, crucified and burned at the stake, than be cowed into condoning … Continue reading


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