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While watching the evening pass by
A bystander saw the moon fall
Into an open manhole but no one
Else seemed to have noticed at all.
A few minutes later a motorbike
With two masked riders passed by
Slowly before the quiet bystander.
The back rider pulled out a gun
And shot him twice at close range,
And a third time while sprawled
On pavement burdened by his blood.
The bystander died with no one else
Knowing how the moon really fell,
Why he was slain by brazen assassins.
No one dared to approach or help him
For fear of being hit by a stray bullet.
The killing could have been a mistake
In a place of diminished opportunities
Where everyone is worth saving.
He might have been someone careless
In a community where no one can recall
The songs to hush children to sleep.
He might have been part of a lost cause,
A fallen angel who lost his fear to fail
By regaining his faith at the corner store.
He strayed blameless as a bystander
To witness what others failed to see:
The moon falling into a gaping manhole.
Victor Peñaranda
December 28, 2016

faculty center fire

ninotchka rosca posted this on facebook in reply to a query regarding the fire that razed UP’s FC building early this morning.

I did think about that — how coincidental that the UP Faculty Center burns down after UP history professors denounce Marcos historical revisionism and Raissa Robles’s book is scheduled to be launched there. What say you?

sana naman ay nagkataon lang.  dahil kung hindi, ibig sabihin ay sinadya ng masasamang loob ang UP faculty mismo, at lalo pa itong nakakaiyak.

Misuse of ‘vox populi’ doctrine

If, as suggested, the Constitution should be disregarded to suit Poe’s case, what’s to stop the Constitution from getting similar treatment in the future using “vox populi” as justification for the action? Bad precedents have an uncanny way of repeating themselves.

Besides, what’s so special about Poe or what services has she performed for the country to merit the suspension of certain constitutional provisions so her political ambition can be accommodated with ease?

Just because she is getting good ratings in the surveys does not mean the people (supposedly the voice of God) have already chosen her to succeed President Aquino and so all obstacles, both legal and moral, including the Constitution, should be pushed aside to speed up her entry to Malacañang.

~ Raul  J. Palabrica


charleston too quick to forgive

“We have no room for hate so we have to forgive.”

i couldn’t quite believe that the victims’ families were already talking forgiveness.  i can understand eschewing hate, but what about the hurt and the anger?  so soon after the massacre, i would still be too hurt and angry to forgive.  i’d need time to process the loss of a loved one in a house of god during bible study.  i’d need to know more about this killer — is it genetic, he has ku klux klan roots?  is he psychotic, completely out of touch with reality?  or is it racism, he simply hates american blacks the way hitler hated jews?  where did he learn this hate?  from a family member?  a friend?  a teacher?  the web?  all of the above?  i would want to know where he was coming from when he planned and carried out the killings.  to start a race war, he confessed.  as if a race war has not been going on in america like forever.  i guess he wanted to liven things up, he was bored?  i would need convincing that he did not know what he was doing before i can even begin to think forgiveness.