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G.U. Stuart, MD Time was when the illicit drug use in the Philippines was mainly an indulgence of the fringe literati, the burgis, the artists and entertainment circle, far removed from the masa and rural culture with its isolated social … Continue reading

crowd dispersal to death #kidapawan

Ed Lingao I’ve covered enough violent dispersals to know that those who get hurt are often from both sides. BUT there is no such thing as equality in the frontlines. Policemen, and my friends in the PNP have to bear … Continue reading

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vhong vhindicated?

on social media some peeps are saying that too much time is being wasted on the vhong navarro story when there are so many other things going on that are more important to nation.  katrina posted this status in response: … Continue reading

egypt on edge, women at risk

watching cnn‘s coverage of giant protests in egypt, take two, i was reminded of edsa dos, of course, and that the foreign press (and erap, too) called it “mob rule” back in 2001.  no such words for the egypt action … Continue reading

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ampatuan’s army

BY-PRODUCT Alex Magno What happened in Maguindanao is more than a tragedy. It is a moment of insanity. Condemn it, we must. Understand the circumstances that made this barbarity even remotely possible, we should. Over the past few days, we … Continue reading


Satur Sulit would they have us believe? that money and its fruits the joys and comforts of capitalism are worth all the violence we do to each other?

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