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While watching the evening pass by A bystander saw the moon fall Into an open manhole but no one Else seemed to have noticed at all. A few minutes later a motorbike With two masked riders passed by Slowly before … Continue reading

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Free radical

By Victor Peñaranda I shall experience you as a seed Drifting unobserved on emerald sea, Catch you as recurrent wave on a fine day When shell begins listening to sand. Let me participate in your universe As radical embedded in … Continue reading

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By Victor Penaranda After several days of relentless rain Words came back neatly to me in sans serif So I can pronounce words like “blue sky” clearly Without being threatened by rising floods Or becoming disaster in the making. There … Continue reading

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The Enigmatic Brotherhood of Dimasalang

By Jose Victor Peñaranda At one point of his life, Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, chose to leave the country and serve in Cuba. He had no other choice, some historians claim. The Spanish colonial authorities, especially … Continue reading

Slow Resolution

By Victor Peñaranda May this year be a river Of unhurried coincidences, Accidents without meaning Like explorers riding the trade winds, Someone who finds love finer Than rain, a golden slice of morning Without straining for refrain.

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Sensing Life

By Victor Peñaranda As the year branches to an end Two woodpeckers work busily On the dry bone of ilang-ilang tree Zapped by lightning a few months ago. I can taste the ruins of rainforests While walking across an empty … Continue reading


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