Free radical

By Victor Peñaranda

I shall experience you as a seed
Drifting unobserved on emerald sea,
Catch you as recurrent wave on a fine day
When shell begins listening to sand.
Let me participate in your universe
As radical embedded in the free market,
Who rescues strangers from becoming
Abstract or hieroglyphic in a crowd,
Leads them gently towards open space
Where they can thirst into lovers
Unassuming as melting glaciers.
I can die today like a dry bottle of rhum
Beached on shore, without a message,
And wake up like rainbow tomorrow
To feel the perfect cone of your volcano.
Our charged presence can prevent
Windmills from turning obsolete,
Allows atoms of chance encounters
To remember each other across distances,
Longing and racing to come together
Exquisitely infinite, quicker than light.

July 3, 2013