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Teddy Locsin Jr. ‏@teddyboylocsin 2:45 PM – 27 Jan 2016 LET US NOT FORGET: OPLAN EXODUS succeeded in its mission to kill that fucking Malaysian. I want to hear praise for our boys for that success

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Teditorial: Niña Aquino Radikalchick: Activism

Time is on our side

By Teddy Locsin Jr. It is reported in the internet that Malaysian police are storming the houses of legal Filipino Sabah residents tearing up their residence certificates, telling the men to run and shooting them for trying to escape and … Continue reading

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‘I Told You So’ #cj trial

Teditorial: I Told You So Can the chief justice be impeached for his interpretation of the law that his accusers completely agree with by not signing their own waivers? By Teddy Locsin Jr. I wrote this last night and for … Continue reading


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