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Teddy Locsin Jr.
2:45 PM – 27 Jan 2016
LET US NOT FORGET: OPLAN EXODUS succeeded in its mission to kill that fucking Malaysian. I want to hear praise for our boys for that success

3:08 PM – 27 Jan 2016
This AFP presentation is shit, WHY WE DID NOT FIGHT AND HELP OUR BOYS.

3:08 PM – 27 Jan 2016

3:14 PM – 27 Jan 2016
we see in the video that AFP was moving on, this is what we should do, just move on past the dead and betrayed.

3:19 PM – 27 Jan 2016
Real officers would have shot themselves at their desks by now.

3:20 PM – 27 Jan 2016
AFP is expressing regret that Napeñas was not in uniform and in the fight so he would be dead by now and can be given the blame.

3:23 PM – 27 Jan 2016
This is a disgrace. We have no Armed Forces worthy of the name.

3:45 PM – 27 Jan 2016
The Army had resolved to wash its hands, period. They wanted the SAF to die. Why? We can only guess.

4:05 PM – 27 Jan 2016
Why abort? They succeeded. They killed the Malaysian. Killing Malaysian was the whole point of it.

4:07 PM – 27 Jan 2016
Napeñas is saying THAT ALL OF those fuckers living there WERE ENEMIES, MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN were all out to kill SAF. Get it!

that anticipated hearing was not explosive in an obvious way, but it certainly clarified many things in my head, as in teddy locsin’s, it would seem.  good of him to articulate the conclusions most thinking and listening citizens are drawing from all that drivel in defense of the president and the armed forces.  kesyo they were not informed, they did not have enough information, it was napeñas’s operation, only he is answerable for the death of the SAF44.  but but but napeñas must have been getting orders from somewhere.  so, if not from the president, i guess the americans?

in an ideal world, there would have been a secure communication line, and trust, between the president and napenas. at the first hint of trouble, the first shots, the president would have gone on crisis-mode. buking na rin lang, sana humingi na lang agad ng paumanhin sa MILF for entering MILF territory (na bawal under the peace pact while BBL still on the table) sabay insist that muslim elders send out the word to their warriors to stop shooting or else.  sabay order the AFP to mobilize and be prepared to save the SAF if the muslims did not desist.

i can understand the need for “time on target” to prevent leaks that would warn the two hunted terrorists, but when shit hit the fan there should have been a way for the president to confirm sooner what was going on, in turn to inform, and update, the AFP para hindi sila puro na lang, we did not know who what to believe, we did not know enough.

so embarrassing. china and america must be loving the show.


  1. manuelbuencamino

    From http://www.uniffors.com/?p=9573

    This morning, the colonel who holds the all-time world record in number of failed coup attempts and his mentor, the man who is out on bail because of old age and ill-health, spent hours berating professional soldiers on what they, the Laurel and Hardy of Warfare, thought was the AFP’s ignorance of true soldiering.

    ‘You had tanks, why didn’t you use them!?!’ raged the tireless old man.
    ‘Duh, because tanks don’t do too well underwater,’ replied the patient general.

    ‘You had artillery, why didn’t you fire!?!’ the old man on bail continued his harangue.
    ‘Duh, because first we need to know exactly where we are supposed to shoot and second we have to know how much separation there is between our troops and the enemy troops, and the civilians and the enemy troops’ explained the general who would not fire his cannons blindly.

    And then the Filipino version of Gen Custer decided to toot his little big horn.

    ‘What were you using to communicate, your private cellphone or an official transmission device?’ he asked with all the gravitas he could muster.
    ‘My private cell phone, your honor’ replied the soldier with a ‘does- it-matter-if- I-use-smoke signals-as-long-as-we-can-communicate-efficiently’ look.

    And yet the other half of the Laurel and Hardy art of warfare team thought he had something there.

    ‘So you used your private cell phone for official business. I think there’s a problem there.’
    The disciplined soldier let it pass. He resisted the temptation to agree, ‘Well, you’re right your honor. I should have told the beleaguered ground commander to call me in a few hours when I’m back at the office.”

    And on and on it went while the nation, waiting with bated breath, wondered when the hell was the old man going to present evidence for his eight points that will prove once and for all that Pres Aquino should be hanged for the mistakes of SAF Napeñas…

    But seriously…. you cannot have an officer blaming other officers – specially a policeman blaming soldiers – when he loses men in a mission under his command; for the simple reason that enlisted men will lose faith in their officers if finger-pointing becomes the norm among officers. That’s why an officer and a gentlemen never turns on his fellow officers. Whether it’s his fault or someone else’s fault, he as the ground commander falls on his sword. Always.

    But this morning you had that man and his bodyguard taking the side of a finger-pointing police officer against the AFP. Fuck the PNP, fuck the AFP, fuck morale in both services, we are on a mission to destroy Pres. Aquino and that is all that matters to us.

  2. Batang Genyo, Ala-eh

    Whether the covert operation was successful or a failure, as the seating Commander-In- Chief, Pres. Benigno C. Aquino III, is the sole person be held responsible to answer for consequences of his approval of such plan. If there were collateral
    Damage or lives were loss due to military miscues, even without the
    Knowledge of Pres.Pinoy who approved the plan, he must shoulder the burden
    Of explainlng to the whole nation such event and offer his apology,if he is a rational leader.

  3. Batang-Genyo, Alah Eh

    Acceptance without contrition without public apology is like a fait accompli leaving the consequences as a matter of destiny not a burden to
    reckon with moral reparation for its wrong or mismanaged decision.

    • manuelbuencamino

      A President, as Commander in Chief, takes ultimate responsibility for whatever his people do. However, he does not have to apologize for their mistakes. If you watched the last hearing you will notice that Napeñas is directly responsible for the operation. Shit happened because of poor planning and bad execution by Napeñas.

      As Sen Sonny Angara said in an interview with DZmm “ginagalang natin sympre yung pananaw ng kasamahan natin sa Senado pero sabi ko nga eh yung dyamante sa ibang tao maaring pwet ng baso sa ibang senador. Definitely magkakaroon ng kaibahan sa aprreciation ng ebidensya sa ating mga kasamahan.”

      So no apology from the President for what Napeñas did. None needed.

  4. ricelander

    I don’t understand, where’s the explosive new evidence? Was it a bluff all along or Enrile suppressed it himself? Was the long break spent for haggling on behalf of Gigi Reyes?

    It seemed to me that Enrile has a different source for the text messages. At some point, you find some of the guests looking startled, like ‘where’d he get that?’. In the last text message, at the mention of a “Code One” I thought the reaction was kinda odd. When Enrile asked if it referred to the President, they looked at each other. It’s probably just me but was not Enrile trying to impress on PNoy and his men that he has in his possession incriminating text messages, but for now he’s keeping it muna for future use? Maybe, until they let go of Gigi? Well, Ms Angela, what do you think?

    • haha ricelander, i wondered about all that, too. at hindi pa pala tapos? itutuloy pa? i heard poe saying that ochoa was present but i didn’t see or hear him… nag-usap kaya sila ni enrile behind the scenes? i wouldn’t be surprised. but i also wouldn’t be surprised if the palace doesn’t feel it has to nego. ika nga ng isang joeam, the hearing was an “epic fail.” it depends of course on what one is looking for.

  5. ricelander


    Why did you not know about the operation? Is it correct to say that you should know and should have been informed of the operation? Or was it the proper way to keep you out? Who should have informed you? When should you have been informed? Is it the proper protocol for Napeñas to be the one calling you and informing you about the operation? How about Purisima? When did the President first mention about the operation to you? Would you say that your lack of knowledge about the operation had a negative consequence on its execution?