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If federalism is the answer, what is the question?

Amina Rasul On Dec. 15, the Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy and the Institute for Autonomy and Governance organized a forum on Federalism, Autonomy, and Mindanao Peace Process at Club Filipino. We gathered leaders of the Bangsamoro diaspora, a … Continue reading

Pro-ISIS Groups in Mindanao and their Links to Indonesia and Malaysia

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) 25 October 2016 ISIS has deepened cooperation among extremist groups in Southeast Asia, but most law enforcement agencies retain a strongly national orientation, without in-house expertise on groups outside their own borders. At a time … Continue reading

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BBL, mamasapano, MILF

With only three days left, Senate President Franklin Drilon conceded, saying there is no more time for Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), as the measure is already dead in the Senate.

teddy locsin, AFP, mamasapano

Teddy Locsin Jr. ‏@teddyboylocsin 2:45 PM – 27 Jan 2016 LET US NOT FORGET: OPLAN EXODUS succeeded in its mission to kill that fucking Malaysian. I want to hear praise for our boys for that success

mamasapano 2016

Timeline of the Mamasapano clash, according to President Aquino 28 jan 2015 Poe insists PNoy was responsible  8  jan 2016 ‘JPE can ruin Aquino’ 19 jan 2016 looking forward to jan 25.  on social media it’s been suggested that enrile is … Continue reading

Must we repeat the errors of history?

There are many parallelisms we see in the Quezon posture with the way Manila governs Mindanao today. As it excluded the B’laan and the Moro people from its reservation plans, so too does the Malacañang of today uses exclusion to … Continue reading

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