Time is on our side

By Teddy Locsin Jr.

It is reported in the internet that Malaysian police are storming the houses of legal Filipino Sabah residents tearing up their residence certificates, telling the men to run and shooting them for trying to escape and raping the women who are now fleeing in boats into the open sea to escape the sexual attentions of the Malaysian police.

None of these reports allegedly filed by Manila and Mindanao correspondents are taken at face value; they are printed only between quotes as though whatever Muslim women say must be taken with a grain of salt, unlike the pronouncements of Malaysia which are repeated verbatim by the palace and put out by media as Gospel truth.

If the reports are lies, we shall soon know. Even if the Philippines and Malaysian govts continue their news embargo of Sabah. Truth is the daughter of time and time will give birth to the truth. Meanwhile let us say nothing, because it is better to say nothing than read from a Malaysian script like the govt is doing.

Even if the reports are true, we should still say nothing and do nothing, for now. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Remember that all our armed elements: the AFP, the NPA, the MNLF and the MILF have been in constant brutal battle with each other for half a century. That’s a heck of a lot of reality training in warfare. The Malaysian armed forces have never been in a fight. So, easy, easy lang. Time is on our side.


  1. manuel buencamino

    Sabi nga ni Marie Yuviengco sa opinion article niya sa interaksyon.com

    “It’s safe to say most Filipinos care nothing about Sabah and I suspect the opposite to be true also. It’s easy for hawks to toot the bugle calling for the President to claim what is theirs (I don’t pretend to have a claim to it) but unless they’re willing to don fatigues and enter the arena of war and pledge their sons and daughters to what potentially is a long and useless campaign, I won’t be persuaded.”

    So I’m waiting for Locsin’s descendants to don fatigues and fight for the Kirams’ claim.

  2. Kelangan din ng morale ng mga pilipino. Ilang henerasyon na inaapakan tayo ng mga mestizo at intsik, eh ngayon pati kapwa natin unggoy aapakan tayo! Sobra na to!

  3. I am not trying to be a hawk but 50 years of fighting and counting should be plenty of time to reflect on who really started this and who exactly are benefiting from the conflict. A conflict that cost us 200K lives on both the government and rebel side and worse they used of all country Malaysia as an arbiter when they were the ones that trained and armed the separatist. Now that Malaysia is showing how they treat and see us as if we are lower than animals that is open season for rape and slaughter, will the protagonist finally realized that they are pointing their guns at the wrong target?

      • are some of us so myopic and color blind, we cannot see the forest from the trees nor see the danger of the tip of the iceberg as deep as man’s inhumanity to human? You care not for you treat our brotherly minority tribal as
        cultural museums for entertainment and tourism industry only!!!If the article is politically partisan, it is because Pnoy’s actions defies logic and historical truths just to get “Novel peace prize”, thats all what others view this accommodation to Malaysia.

          • baycas,
            It is an option of the last resort,if the govt cannot reconcile the national interest with legitimate grievances. I just cannot accept the irrational behaviour of supposedly “daang matuwid” govt not giving an of iota protection to fellow Filipinos whether right or wrong just as when US protects its erring soldiers who does not respect civilian laws of another country.

  4. Does anyone believes that the Kirams are claiming Sabah on behalf of our country the Philippines? That, assuming his invasion of Sabah is successful he will turn it over to the Philippine government in a silver platter?

    Now, you guys naive enough to believe that please fall in line behind Teddy Boy Locsin, Jr.

    Me, I will fall in line behind the Philippine government.

    Because I believe that the Kirams are claiming Sabah for them to own and rule it for themselves and nothing for the Philippines but headache.

    The question now will be that: Is it the right thing for President Noynoy to help the Kirams invade Sabah and go to war with Malaysia in the interest of the Filipino nation?

    Take your side now, guys.

    • Not the point. The point is Malaysia is disrespecting a Filipino Sultan. They are treating Filipinos like animals, murdering them.

      It’s national image, which eventually will either cost us or earn us economically.

      The US cooked up a war in Vietnam for the same reason we want the Kirams to gain something from this.

    • @Bert,


      According to Pehin Jamil, Sultan Muhydin refused to cede the territories claimed by Sulu. Pehin Jamil noted that the area was only “claimed” and not “ceded”, as Sir Stamford Raffles, in his book “History of Java” (1830), had noted “on the north-east of Borneo proper (Brunei) lies a very considerable territory (Sabah), the sovereignty of which has long been claimed by Sulu Government”.

      Malabo din pala kung talaga nga bang nailipat sa Sulu ang Sabah.

      The argument that Brunei has not ceded Sabah to Sulu is supported by LR Wright in her book The Origins of British Borneo (1970). She wrote: “indeed, the legitimacy of the Sulu claim to the territory (North Borneo) is in considerable doubt partly because of the unreliability of tarsilas such as ‘Selesilah’, which in many cases are nothing more than written-down legends to enhance the status of the royal house which produced them. Succeeding Sultans of Brunei have denied that northern Borneo was given to Sulu, and only the weight of Sulu tradition supports the claim. The weight of Brunei tradition challenges it”.

      The Sulu claim is currently resting on that treaty which was mentioned at the beginning of this article signed by Sultan Jamalalulazam of Sulu appointing Baron de Overbeck as Dato Bendahara and Raja Sandakan on 22nd January 1878. But at the beginning of this article, there is, in fact, another treaty which was signed earlier by Sultan Abdul Momin appointing Baron de Overbeck as the Maharaja Sabah, Rajah Gaya and Sandakan signed on 29th December 1877. In 1877, the Brunei Sultanate then still believed and maintained that the territory was in fact still under the control of the Brunei Sultanate.

      Kung totoo ito, eh, wala naman palang karapatan ang mga Kirams sa Sabah…kahit kapiraso lang nito.

      Meron pa…

      Another interesting document is the British North Borneo Treaties Protocol of 1885 signed in Madrid, which is also known as the Madrid Protocol of 1885, a copy of which can be found on Sabah State Attorney General’s website. It was signed by the British, Germany and Spain who was the predecessor government of the Philippines. The two most important articles are Article I British and Germany recognising the sovereignty of Spain over the Sulu Archipelago and Article III Spain relinquishing all claims to Borneo.

      This article serves only to point out that past events have repercussions on the present and more so if the past events were not clearly defined as in this particular case.

      Brunei Times


      Naloko na!

      …Mabasa nga ang “Madrid Protocol of 1885″…

  5. orangsabah

    Liar. Filipinos are treated well in Sabah.
    100,000 of them are now Malaysian citizen living in peninsular Malaysia.
    400,000 lived in Sabah, half of them do not have proper travel document or permit. Many have children born in Sabah and many of the children are now Malaysian citizen, studying in Malaysian school and universities. Many have been given citizenship because they have valid document to stay longer. Many of them are now have the special rights of “bumiputra” because they embraced Malay culture. Many of them are now joining Malaysian police and army. If there were rape case, it’s just an isolated incidents. The person who done it were punished by malaysian law. If there were shootings, it’s because they are criminal trying to attacked police. Drug dealer and smuggler. Human trafficker.
    Even if natives Sabahan object the idea of giving them citizenship, they the filipinos slowly morph to become Sabahan.