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‘First World Philippines’

Karlo Mikhail Mongaya “If the ‘matuwid na daan’ continues, in a generation’s time we’ll be a First World country,” an emotional President Aquino said in his final State of the Nation Address last July. More of the same rhetoric on … Continue reading


By Mong Palatino Inequality in Philippine society is reflected in the whole stretch of Edsa. Despite its People Power past with its egalitarian promise, the site Edsa is still very much a territory dominated by the elite. In fact, the … Continue reading

Paths to change

By Calixto V. Chikiamco OUR CURRENT situation seems hopeless. Our economic oligarchy is powerful, rich beyond imagination. It controls conglomerates that reach into almost every aspect of Filipinos’ lives, its unassailable position protected by law or other barriers to entry. … Continue reading

sooo not worth it

from A tradition not worth it, cito beltran’s column yesterday, in anticipation of the afternoon SONA — a ritual borrowed from the U.S. that Filipino politicians have reinvented and trivialized.

Philippines wouldn’t mind some Chinese shell shocks

By W. Scott Thompson OVER the years I recall cartoonists — who always understand best — showing a globe with a bear behind it, his claws grasping more and more of the territory at the edge of his fingers. The … Continue reading

rizal, tagalog, nation

it’s really too bad that we haven’t tried hard enough as a people to develop tagalog into a national language.   then maybe we would have a better sense of national interests as opposed to foreign interests, and we could be making … Continue reading


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