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EDCA Primer No. 1 by one of the 1991 Malevolent/Magnificent Twelve? (Updated)

By RENE A.V. SAGUISAG Work in progress ​Q1:  What is required for an international agreement to be valid?* A:  Sec. 21 of Art. VII of the Cory Constitution says: “No treaty or international agreement shall be valid and effective unless … Continue reading

Guingona Jr., Saguisag, Tañada slam pact with US

MANILA, Philippines—Three of the senators who rejected the renewal of the Philippine-US bases treaty in 1991 on Saturday expressed concern over the constitutionality of the new Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation (AEDC) that is expected to be signed between the … Continue reading

media, priests & abortion

media is plural for mediocre, rene saguisag says in his manila times column on the same day that mark robert b. baldo in a letter to the inquirer editor decries the failure of media to level-up the public debate on … Continue reading

Midnight CJ and the Four R’s

Rene Saguisag The framers could have said the position of Chief Justice (CJ) should be filled up immediately and that only the CJ could swear in a Prez. They did not. They said any judicial vacancy should be filled up … Continue reading


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